"We should understand over again the celebration logic that involves the assembly and its ministers. Great creative possibilities would come out from this ."

Don Genero

In this sense, we have taken on this innovation challenge, for instance in the choice of the tissues, the style and the new editing of the signs. Light, heat, water, food and unity have become symbolic. The horizons have expanded with new materials, tissues and using the abstract designs inspired by contemporary art together with proposals that combine quality and dignity.

"Proposing a contemporary vestment, which is capable of meaning but full of beauty and simplicity, is a creative and joyful challenge"

Elisabetta Bianchetti

Our commitment and our responsibility for this great work of research have often been rewarded. In 2003, The “Fashion Institute of Technology” Mitria Papa fashion institute Bianchettiorganises a large exhibition dedicated to the history of the “Fashion Italian Style” and, for the first time, the sacred world is taken into consideration as Italian Design. Elisabetta Bianchetti for the Manifatture Mario Bianchetti is the only Italian stylist who is invited to display four pieces. The selected cloths are three chasubles and a mitre. The blue chasuble is inspired by the wings of the angel of Giotto in the chapel of Scrovengi (Padova). The pink chasuble is inspired by the Polistaurion Byzantine art. The red chasuble is inspired by the tradition of medieval copes. Elisabetta designs and creates the mitre for Giovanni Paolo II and “Il Taglio” (“The Cutting”) of Lucio Fontana inspired it.

In 2004, she plans an exhibition called “La Bellezza Donata, lo splendore della liturgia” (“The Given Beauty, the splendour of the Liturgy”) for the Rimini Meeting, which was dedicated to the relationship between liturgy and daily. It is an experience between modern human being and mystery, between daily life and the beauty of the liturgy as event of the Truth.

In 2005, ElisaCasula Kelvin Clain Bianchetti Premio CEIbetta draws a Benedictine chasuble in collaboration with Calvin Klein, that later will be rewarded by the Scientific Committee of KOINE’ Research.

In 2007, the CEI commission selects and awards his chasuble during a competition for artists and designers, who are active in the religious sector, and gives it to Benedict XVI.

In 2011, during the XIV International Exhibition of Furniture, Liturgical Objects and Design for Worship in Vicenza, she is awarded for her career and artistic talent from the Commission presided by Mons. Santi, Architect and AMEI (Italian Ecclesiastical Museums Association) President.

bellezza donata splendore liturgIaIn 2015, the CEI selects six chasubles from the new collection Manifatture Bianchetti to show them to the KOINE’ Exhibition of Vicenza, which is a landmark event for the holy world. In this occasion, the BBC allows to further consideration the stylist Elisabetta Bianchetti and defines her company as “leader of ecclesiastical supplier”.

Tradition and Style

Thanks to its background and experience, respecting the cultural and formal heritage of the Church, the company has created a specific division with the aim of recovering and restoring antique vestments and iconography.